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What is POBA?

POBA is Where The Arts Live!

POBA | Where the Arts Live is a non-profit online hub that celebrates the creative works of exceptional contemporary artists – known and unknown – who died without recognition of the full measure of their talents or legacies. Crossing all genres and media, these works inspire and enliven us all.

POBA showcases, promotes and preserves the legacies of these artists through its displays, promotion, and sales. And POBA does more: Through tangible services POBA assists collectors, estates, and working artists in managing their collections for future preservation, viewing, and value.

POBA is where you can:

  • Store digital versions of creative legacies securely
  • Create and display portfolios of legacy artists on a DIY basis or with POBA’s help
  • Sell/Buy original art works and museum-quality limited edition prints of works displayed on POBA
  • Obtain personalized Concierge Services to get creative works in all fields organized, preserved, digitized, valued, completed, marketed, and sold
  • Support POBA’s non-profit mission by helping others while you get the help you need
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Latest News

May 5, 2017
Time For Spatz | Iconic Photos of Studio 54

The family of Gene Spatz wanted to preserve their brother Gene's photos which captured unique times, moments and people in his distinctively intimate and warm way. Among these were some iconic photos of the Studio 54 scene from the late 1970s, now preserved on POBA. Time.com reported on the collection to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the opening of the disco that captured an era and became a phenomenon.

read more
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